Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FELLOW WIZARDS! Join us on May 20th, 2017 for the Atlanta SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL in Virginia Highland

Calling all wizards (and muggles) who moonlight as superheroes! Check out the official promotional video for this year's SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL (21+) in Atlanta — giving you an idea of all of the awesome-ness Markster Con has in store for attendees on May 20th, 2017 (make sure your sound is turned on!)

For more info. on this event, presented by Monday Night Brewing, please visit

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wizard's Ball IV set to materialize on Nov. 18th, 2017

Save the magical date! On November 18th, 2017 Atlanta's own WIZARD'S BALL returns for a 4th year! Adv. tickets are already up for grabs as the first three years SOLD OUT (i.e. don't wait too long to secure yours!) More info. at (18+)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Atlanta's WIZARD WEEKEND a magical success with Potter Pub Crawl and Wizard's Ball 2! (Photos)

The two "fire breathing Dragons" at Wizard's Ball were created
by Atlanta artist/prop maker Mimi Nouveau
Talk about a truly magical weekend. Thanks to the hundreds who packed the streets of Atlanta's Virginia Highlands on Friday for the POTTER PUB CRAWL and then again on Saturday at The Masquerade's HELL for WIZARD's BALL 2. So many smiling faces, great performances, awesome vendors, talented photographers, tasty drinks and a full dance floors both nights – so many great memories. A MASSIVE thank you to all who helped with set-up, tear-down, volunteering, performing, vending and any other aspect of the these two magical events.

We are starting to get photos in from photographers (links below) so check back often over the next several days. When re-posting/sharing, please make sure to give the photographer credit and also use hashtags #wizardsball #markstercon

Photo by Richard LaMarre
(Booth courtesy of CONjuration)
Jay Prescott Videography video HERE
Richard LaMarre photos HERE
James Curtin Barger photos HERE
Leo Photography (Set 1) photos HERE
Leo Photography (Set 2) photos HERE
Leo Photography (Set 3) photos HERE

Squished Biscuit video HERE
Richard LaMarre (WIZARD BOOTH) photos HERE
Dawn Seabrook Photography (Grifendor) photos HERE
Artist.Life.Vision Photography (Rayvenklaw) photos HERE
Workman Reflections Photography (Slitheryn) photos HERE
Dave's Creative Side Photography (Huhfullpuff) photos HERE

...and YES, we are already planning for 2016! Feel free to join the FB event pages to keep in the know of latest developments:
Potter Pub Crawl (Nov. 18th, 2016) – join the event HERE
Wizard's Ball #3 (Nov. 19th, 2016) – join the event HERE

For future geek-themed events in the Atlanta area, please feel free to visit

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The 2014 Atlanta Wizard's Ball SOLD OUT and enchanted 500+ in it's first magical year (w/photo & video links)

Radio Cult playing to a sold out inaugural WIZARD'S BALL 2014
Amazing. Truly amazing. When event producer decided to host the WIZARD'S BALL several months ago, the actual outcome far surpassed the dream. A massive THANK YOU to the 20+ volunteers who helped with set-up, the performers & entertainers (Radio Cult, DJ Seraph, DJ Ghost, Echo and Marilyn), the hard-working bartenders, the vendors & fan tables, the photographers, the sponsors, Girls Of The Con, the staff at The Masquerade and all of you who both helped promote the event and also showed up to party with your fellow wizards. The evening was truly amazing because of ALL of you and both and Dragon Fire Events truly appreciate you sharing your evening with us.

With that being said....PHOTOS!, we all want visual proof of how awesome Atlanta's WIZARD BALL was, right? We will be adding photo links as we get them to this post so check back often over the next several days. Please feel free to tag yourself and friends and if you re-post any photos, please credit with hashtags #wizardsball and #markstercon

Jay Prescott event video HERE
Aficionados event video HERE
Richard LaMarre photos HERE
Atlanta Event photos HERE (featured photographer)
Jaysen Michael (Secret Playground) photos HERE
• T. Wolf's photos HERE
David Leo (set 1) photos HERE
• David Leo (set 2) photos HERE
Robot Eye Photography photos HERE
Dave's Creative Side photos HERE
Radio Cult "Walk Like An Egyptian" at Wizard's Ball video HERE.
PhotoGnome photos HERE
• James Curtis Barger photos 
• Dave's Creative Side photos HERE
• Frank Sepulveda photos HERE

Wizard's Ball #2 (Fall 2015) - join the Facebook Event Page HERE.

Wizard's Ball 2014 (Atlanta, GA) from Markster Con on Vimeo.