Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tickets for WIZARD'S BALL IV available at door tonight starting at 9pm (PARK IN DECK B)

Tickets ($15 before 10pm, $20 after 10pm) will be available starting at 9pm tonight. Please note that the WIZARD'S ALL is in the now vacant mall of Underground Atlanta, on the same property as The Masquerade. Park in DECK B - enter mall/venue from bottom floor.

RADIO CULT takes the stage at 10pm so don't arrive too late!

Friday, November 17, 2017

PARKING UPDATE – make sure to park in DECK B

Greetings everyone! We are just two days out and we are extremely excited about the return of the annual WIZARD'S BALL. The question we are getting asked the most is where should you park?  Please park in DECK B as it will take you straight into the vacant mall area (where we are hosting the wizard celebration). Look over the attached map and you'll notice the DECK B is just past DECK A (where patrons usually park for The Masquerade's events). Once you park in the deck, go to the bottom floor and look for directions into the mall area – with doors opening at 9pm!

Adv. tickets are still available – arrive by 10pm as that's when our opening act RADIO CULT takes the stage!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Butter Beer confirmed for WIZARDS'S BALL 4

It's been one of the most asked questions this year, right behind where we'll be hosting the annual WIZARD'S BALL.

QUESTION: Will y'all be serving butter beer this year?
ANSWER: Yes! Wizard's gotta drink something, right?

As with the three previous years, The Masquerade and their awesome bar staff will be serving up butter beer for attendees who are 21+ (due to their recipes including alcohol). Each cup of will cost just $5.25 and will be served until they run out of appropriate mixes. In addition to tasty butter beer The Masquerade will have other drink specials, in addition to a fully stocked bar which will include soda, red bull, etc. for those who prefer not to drink (or who are 18+).

If you haven't done so yet, we highly recommend you purchase your Adv. Tickets now (just $15) via

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Just over a week until the magic returns to Atlanta!

We are finalizing all aspects of this year's Atlanta WIZARD'S BALL on Nov. 18th and we couldn't be more excited about how things are shaping up. We can't stop telling our fans how wonderful this year's venue is as we've been given exclusive access to the now vacant and secure inside underground mall area on the same property at The Masquerade. This will quite possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime event, location wise, as the mall and much of it's surroundings are getting ready to go through a $35 million redevelopment. NOTE: If attending, park in PARKING DECK B.

It truly is THE BEST spot we could hope for up until this point for the 4th edition of this popular wizard-themed party so we hope you can make it out on Nov. 18th and share in this special celebration with us. Adv. tickets are still available, including a "Combo" option to the Nov. 17th Potter Pub Crawl (21+). Simply visit to secure your tickets today! Check out this promo video below for a few glimpses inside the venue space and make sure to turn the sound on! (NOTE: video shows venue before decor, props, event lighting and stage will be added).


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

LOCATION UPDATE – new space will offer immersive, one-of-a-kind experience to WIZARD'S BALL attendees

As organizers we haven't been this excited about news in relation to Atlanta's annual WIZARD'S BALL (18+) since the event sold out it's first edition back in 2014 (and each year since actually). Although we've had a venue secured for several months with The Masquerade and it's new location in downtown, this week we were offered exclusive access to a different area that could NOT be more perfect for a large scale wizard-themed event like Markster Con's WIZARD'S BALL.

This space we speak of is the current vacant "underground" portion of Underground Atlanta (sneak peak cell phone picts below). This amazing, open space will offer us great potential in really indulging in the whole Potter-esque "dark wizard" feel and giving attendees an immersive, one-of-a-kind party experience. The space, offered to us by The Masquerade's management, is secured to the outside public, offers many amazing photo opps, has an attached parking deck and will allow us to both expand the event and also give attendees to the Nov. 18th event an experience like no other. Store fronts, street signs, lots of brick walls, and actual streets (all indoors)! Check out the picts below but note these were taken with a cell phone (low quality and light) with no wizard-themed props or decorations.

If you haven't secured your tickets yet we suggest you do via – there is also a "Combo" option (21+) to both the Nov. 18th WIZARD'S BALL and previous night's POTTER PUB CRAWL (21+) in Atlanta's Virginia-Highland. In addition to both of those events here are SEVEN (7) Potter-inspired events happening in both Atlanta and Athens in October and November - click HERE for more info.

Wooden doors and brick will offer a great photo backdrop
The secured space is very open, offering organizers lots of possibilities
Corner store front – has a Gringotts feel
Corner store front
More store fronts, plus potential vendors space. Not to mention the colors are already "house colors"
Area which organizers will use as focal point with added stage, lights, sound, etc.
In addition to butter beer and pumpkin juice, Harry drank Coke, right?
Lots of brick work can be found in the venue in additon to one of the entrances (pictured)
Although the new space is located at The Masquerade in downtown, it is separate from Hell, Purgatory,
and Heaven but still within the same venue. Attached parking is also available.

Announcement coming at 1pm today (delayed from noon)

Check back at 1pm today for our exciting news concerning  Atlanta WIZARD'S BALL 4!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Big Announcement coming about WIZARD'S BALL 4

We are very excited about a big announcement in relation to the 4th annual Atlanta WIZARD'S BALL! Check back here at noon 1pm on Oct. 11th for some wizarding great news!