Monday, January 29, 2018

Markster Con's WIZARD'S BALL to return Nov. 10th, 2018 for a 5th magical year to Atlanta

It's time to SAVE THE MAGICAL DATE! Go ahead and get Saturday, November 10th, 2018 on your wizarding calendar as Atlanta's most magical evening event – WIZARD'S BALL – returns for a 5th year! Organizers and headmasters are already making plans for the return of this fantastic event so expect more details as the year progresses but for now, SAVE THE MAGICAL DATE and we hope to see you, along with your fellow wizards and witches out on November 10th for a truly enchanted night! Feel free to join the 2018 FB event page at and also "Like" the Wizard's Ball Fan page on FB via

NOTE: 'Early Wizard' tickets go up for grabs on Feb. 1st, 2018 via along with tickets for the Nov. 9th POTTER PUB CRAWL!

* Orders yours tickets now HERE *