What to wear?

The most asked question we've gotten so far is "what do I wear" to Markster Con's WIZARD'S BALL? Good question! When you start thinking about it, there are almost unlimited possibilities if  you go by characters in well-known books and movies. Then there are the "off-takes" of those characters and their looks that you can morph into your own if you wanted.

Granted that this party will have a very strong presence of Potter themed costumes, but ANY wizard, witch, warlock, sorcerer, fairy, or other magical creature will be appropriate. Dress in a robe with an appropriate crest to support your "house" or break out a formal gown or maybe even create your own wizard or magic-themed creature. The options are almost endless so have fun with it!

So, technically, there is no "dress code" for this event as Markster Con won't deny entrance as long as you have a 2017 WIZARD'S BALL ticket but we do highly encourage theme participation. This is an 18+ non-smoking event.

Of course, costumes are not required to attend the 2017 WIZARD'S BALL IV but a love of all things geeky and magical are!

Reserve your Advanced tickets at http://mcp.xorbia.com (with a combo ticket option available to the Nov. 17th POTTER PUB CRAWL, 21+)

Check out the videos from the first three sold out Wizard's Balls to see what attendees wore: