Photos/Videos (2014-2017)

Please feel free to tag #markstercon and #wizardsball if you repost, please make sure to give both the appropriate photographer credit as well as sharing a link to in your description.

WIZARD'S BALL 4 (2017:
• Bryan Humphrey photos HERE
• Workman Reflections photos HERE
• CulturalGorilla photos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videography video HERE
• Robot Eye Photography photos HERE

WIZARD'S BALL 3 (2016):
• Jay Prescott Videography: Video HERE
• Squished Biscuit Media: Photos HERE
• James Curtis Barger: Photos HERE
• Robot Eye Photography: Photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre: Photos HERE
• Workman Reflections (9 3/4): Photos HERE

WIZARD'S BALL 2 (2015):
• Jay Prescott Videography video HERE
• Richard LaMarre photos HERE
• James Curtin Barger photos HERE
• Leo Photography (Set 1) photos HERE
• Leo Photography (Set 2) photos HERE
• Leo Photography (Set 3) photos HERE

WIZARD'S BALL 1 (2014):
Jay Prescott event video HERE
Aficionados event video HERE
Richard LaMarre photos HERE
Atlanta Event photos HERE (featured photographer)
Jaysen Michael (Secret Playground) photos HERE
• T. Wolf's photos HERE
David Leo (set 1) photos HERE
• David Leo (set 2) photos HERE
Robot Eye Photography photos HERE
Dave's Creative Side photos HERE
Radio Cult "Walk Like An Egyptian" at Wizard's Ball video HERE.
PhotoGnome photos HERE
• James Curtis Barger photos 
• Dave's Creative Side photos HERE
• Frank Sepulveda photos HERE

• Squished Biscuit video HERE
• Richard LaMarre (WIZARD BOOTH) photos HERE
• Dawn Seabrook Photography (Grifendor) photos HERE
• Artist.Life.Vision Photography (Rayvenklaw) photos HERE
• Workman Reflections Photography (Slitheryn) photos HERE
• Dave's Creative Side Photography (Huhfullpuff) photos HERE

Please feel free to tag yourself and friends and if you re-post any photos, please credit with hashtags #wizardsball and #markstercon