Radio Cult (10pm)


Since 2005, Radio Cult (hailing from the house of ROCK) has performed over 1,000 shows including conventions, casinos, weddings, fraternity parties, corporate events and festivals as well as in bars, concert halls and other music venues from their hometown of Atlanta, all the way to Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.

The members of Radio Cult LOVE to play in a band and it shows. When the band has fun, the crowd has fun and with Radio Cult the crowd really has a blast! With over 100 rock songs in their arsenal, attendees to any of their live shows find it hard to not pump their fists, sing along and get lost in the moment.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Radio Cult on Facebook and at their main website: and get ready to kick off the WIZARD'S BALL with one of the most magical bands around!

DJ Caz10 and DJ Seraph will take over after RADIO CULT with the Wizard Costume Contest hosted at Midnight!